We may not have won the Republican primary but we were still successful.

How can I say we were successful? We provided a candidate to the 3rd District voters who was an alternative to the career politician beholden to the special interest groups that grip our government and deny our citizens the voice they deserve. As a first time candidate desiring to be a citizen legislator, the slim voting margin proved that this district is ready for those seeking office and desiring to serve as our country's founders intended. My motivation in running was about representing the hard working Americans who are the backbone of our nation, not any special interest groups.

You are among the supporters that said enough is enough of our Federal Government continuing to overreach, overtax, and over-regulate so many aspects of our lives. I still believe that we can't change Washington until we change who we send there, and I believe that our strength at the ballot box last Tuesday supports the fact that a hard working American that wants to give back to our Country does have a chance. I hope that you will continue to support those who want to change Washington and not give up on this opportunity – difficult and frustrating as it may seem. While it may be tempting to just cave to the special-interest-backed career politicians as overcoming their hold may seem daunting, there will be candidates, whether it is me or those with similar motivations as mine, who will need your support.

I want to say thank you to all of you, neighbors, friends, family and associates, you have given so generously in terms of financial resources, time and advocacy. Your contributions drove our success. As contributors and supporters, you had confidence in our message and most often a shared belief in why I was seeking office.

I also want to give a special thanks to our entire campaign staff. They spent countless hours and worked tirelessly because they had a firm belief in my core values and the underlying reasons why I was seeking office. This campaign team had a significant challenge in guiding me through the entire campaign process successfully. Being a first time candidate and not a politician, it was a steep learning curve. I will miss them all as we worked side by side since the day the campaign began.

I want to say thanks to my entire family- without their support, encouragement and the family values that are the bedrock of my beliefs, this would not have been a successful campaign.

Thanks to all!

As one door closes another opens. As Dad says "it's time to get back to work."


Kip Tom